Best Horror Movie in Hollywood[All Time]


There are some top horror movie.You can see this movie on Amazon store and comment below  which movie is the best horror movie.

1. The Exorcist(1973)

Director by  William Friedkin
Written by  William Peter Blatty
The Exorcist story is a teenage girl who possessed by a mysterious entity and  she out off control her mind.Her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her little girl.

 2. The Conjuring
Director by James Wan
Written by Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes
 The Conjuring  their purportedly real-life reports inspired the amityville horror story and film franchise. Pranormal investigators Ed and  everyone notice this paranormal activites. The bad soul possessed her mother. Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by dark presence in their farmhouse.

 3. Annabelle
Director by  John R.Leonetti
Written by  Gary Dauberman
 Annabelle movie was inspired by a real  story of a devil doll named annaabelle. This movie husband john form gives the doll to his pregnant wife mia as a present. And then his wife through something wrong this doll.


 4. It
Director by Andy Muschietti
Based on  It by Stephen king
This movie story all about clown monster. In the summer , a group of bullid kids band together to destroy a shape-shifting monster, the monster is clown.And this clown monster taking a kids their small town.

 5. The Conjuring 2
Director by James Wan
Written by Chad Hayes, Carey W. Hayes
The Conjuring 2  based on supernatural spirit who is holding his house and no one can stay there. A single mother and his 4 children stay that house. And  Ed and  Lorraine Warren travel to north London to help  this family .

 6. Sinister
Director by  Scott Derrickson
Written by C. Robert Cargill
Sinister the story of  serial killer who force a family member to kill his all family member. Now your think this is not horror movie . But there some horror feeling and suspense.

 7.  Evil Dead(2013)
Director by Fede Alvarez
Based on The Evil Dead by Sam Raimi
Evil Dead is fantasy,horror and thriller movie.Five friend going to woods house to enjoying there summer.There the discovery of a devil book and one friend read the book and he didn't know that he calling the devil.

 8. Insidious:Chapter 3
Director by Leigh Whannell
Written by  Leigh Whannell
A teenage girl possessed by a dangerous supernatural entity. There old women gifted a power , she can talk to good and bad soul.And she helping to the teenage girl.

 9. Hereditary
Director by Ari Aster
Written by Ari Aster
Hereditary story of a family face to  difficult life. when the martriarch of the graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildern begin to unravel cryotic.

 10. light out
Director by  David F. Sandberd
written by  David F. Sandberd
 A little boy experiences that something is living their house. When the light off the dark spirit come to the dark side. Something is attached to this supernatural spirit.

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