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Most Highest Paid Actor in the World 2020

Those lists include actor overall earnings,including brand endorsements and don't solely consist of payments for their acting. MOST H...

Those lists include actor overall earnings,including brand endorsements and don't solely consist of payments for their acting.


1.Dwayne Johnson($89.4m)

Born: May 2, 1972(age 47 years)
Height: 1.96m
Rock is a famous actor in Hollywood. Rock real name is Dwayne Johnson. He was a professional wrestler for the world Wresting Federation for eight years prior to pursuing an acting career. Now Dwayne is American actor and producer. Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be $280million, and his source of wealth is Professional Wrestler and Actor. This year his net income is $89.4million , now Dwayne is highest paid actor in the world.

2. Chris Hemsworth($76.4m)

Born: August 11, 1983(age 36 years)
Height: 1.9m
Chris Hemsworth full name is Christopher Hemsworth. He is an Australian actor. Everyone know his famous name Thor and he grow up his acting career on this movie. Chris Hemsworth  net worth is $90.4million($AUD 133million) , this year net income is $76.4million. Now he is second highest paid actor in the world. Chris Hemsworth acting some tv show  Home and Away , Dancing with the Stars, Guinevere Jones and Fergus McPhail.

3. Robert Downey Jr ($66m)

Born: April 4, 1065(age 54 years)
Robert Downey Jr. Is an American actor , singer and producer. We know Robert Downey Jr. as a Ironman. His career most importance movie Ironman , this movie famous to Robert Downey Jr. His career has been characterized by critical and popular notoriety in his youth. His net worth $300 million and this  year  income $66 million.  He has evolved into one of the most respected actor in Hollywood.

4. Akshay Kumar ($65m)

Born: September 9, 1967(age 51 years)
Height: 1.78m.
Akshay Kumar is an Indian born Canadian actor. Akshay Kumar real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. Before becoming an actor he studied martial arts in Hong Kong worked as a chef there. His wife is Twinkle Khanna. He started his career in the 90’s and Ahshay Kumar was popular in many action film as Khiladi Series. Akshay Kumar’s net worth is $150 million and this year net income $65 million.

5. Jackie Chan ($58m)

Born: April 7, 1954(age 65 years)
Height: 1.74m
Jackie Chan is a Hong Konger martial artist, film director,actor,producer. His real name is Chan Kong-sang SBS MBE PMW, professionally known as Jackie Chan. His wife name Joan Lin. He has been since the 1960s, appearing in over 150 films. Jackie Chan has been named as one of the top 10 most charitable celebrities by Forbes Magazine. Jackie Chan net worth $400 million and this net year income $58million.

6. Bradley Cooper ($57m)

Born: January 5, 1975(age 44 years)
Height: 1.85m
Bradley Cooper full name is Bradley Charles Cooper. He is an American actor and film-maker. Bradley Cooper found greater success with the romantic comedy Silver Linings Platbook and the black comedy American Hustle. His cinematic debut came in the ensemble comedy Wet Hot American Summer (2001).Now Cooper’s net worth $100million in 2019 and this year net income $57million.

7. Adam Sandler ($57m)

Born: September 9, 1966(age 52 years)
Adam Sandler is an American comedian, film producer, actor, screenwriter and musician. His full name Adam Richard Sandler. In 1987, Adam Sandler acting Theo Huxtable’s friend in the MTV game show Remote control. Sandler  formed his production company Happy Madison Productions. He married model-actress Jacqueline Titone and the couple have two daughters. Adam Sandler net worth $420million , this year his net income $57million.

8. Chris Evans ($43m)

Born: June 13, 1981(age 38 years)
Height: 1.83m
Chris Evans is an American actor. His full name is Chris Robert Evans. Everyone Known for his superhero roles as the Marvel Comics characters Captain America: The First Avenger.  Chris began his acting career on the 2000 television series Opposite Sex. His net worth is an estimated #70million and this year his net income $43million. 

9. Paul Rudd ($41m)

Born: April 6, 1969(age 50 years)
Height: 1.78m
Paul Rudd is an American comedian, actor, writer and film producer. He making his acting debut in 1992 with the television drama Sisters, where Rudd played Kirby Quimby Philby. In 2003,he married Julie Yaeger and they have two children. Paul Rudd is a marvel superhero antman. This movie make him to much popular in the world. This year his net income $41million.

10. Will Smith ($35m)

Born: September 25, 1968(age 50 years)
Height: 1.88m
Will Smith full name is Willard Carroll Smith Jr. He is an American rapper , actor and media personality. He started as the MC of the hip-hop. Will Smith first major roles in the drama Six Degrees of Separatin and action movie Bad Boys on 1995. Now Smith net worth $300million and this year net income $35million.

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