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Free Web Hosting and Domain(2020)-For Beginner and Student

If you want to build a good website for business, then you will need both a domain name and web hosting. What is domain? Domain is names are...

If you want to build a good website for business, then you will need both a domain name and web hosting. What is domain? Domain is names are used to identify one or more IP adresses. This working when you enter any domain name in your browser, it sends a requiest to global nerwork of servers that form the domain name system(DNS). And hosting is a web data service provider. Your website  all data and information save  in this server. Its help your website easy and fast to available for viewing online any where and any time.

000webhost is a free web hosting website that provides you array of features, including a website builder, no ads and Wordpress support. You can easily manage your website with the intuitive cPanel control panel. Now how to set free hosting your website with 000webhost? First you need to sign up this website, its totally free. Then choose you what types of hosting you want. There are different types of hosting: share hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting.

Share hosting:
This type of hosting refers to a setup where many site are all hosted on the same server. This is best for beginners and those people, who don't need a lot of resources and space.

VPS Hosting:
VPS( Virtual Private Server) is multiple individual servers partitioned on one central server. This hosting gives you more control and more power for  manage your website.

Dedicated Server:
This hosting plan is when you rent out the full server for yourself. That means you get your own server like a own house. its best for business site that provide high performance and lot of resources.

2. Freenom

This website is the world's first and only free domain provider. Their goal is to bring people online and help countries develop their digital marketing. This free domains work like any other domain name. You can easily set this domain on your website, blog, email account and more. Freenom is 100% safe ,because beginning i also use this website for free domain. If you want  get free domain on your website, first you need to do sing up freenom and find a free new domain for registeration. wait hold on!! there not all domain can be free. A number of domain you can free to use  like a .TK , .ML , . GA , CF , .GQ . If you are beginner this free domain this best for you start up.

InfinityFree hosting website provides free web hosting with unlimited disk space and unlimited Bandwidth. This hosting website sponsored by iFastNet. You can use this free hosting over 8 years. Sound really cool!! InfinityFree is the fastest free hosting in the world. Its absolutely fully free featured and free hosting. They said that we will never forced ads on your website and they earn enough money using the ads on their main site and control panel. You can use this free hosting provider website. 


This website provides free domain registration with free DNS control. You can DNS changes will take some time to propagate worldwide and you should also delete your browser cache. You have to log in first for get free domain. But this free domain provider website very critical, You need to set some  setting for properly work your website on this domain. 

5. Freehosting

FreeHosting provide absolutely free  hosting with all features and tools. This free hosting is valid for lifetime of your website. On this website you can registeration also new domain. FreeHosting gives you great offer unlimited visitors, no ads, no tracking codes and free forever. There two types hosting package: Free hosting package and Paid hosting package. If you want to created a website, but you don't know how to created website. Then you need to choose paid hosting package, because  they created a website for you. This is one of features on paid hosting. FreeHosting is good web hosting provider. 


This is a free web hosting provider with a free short domain and no ads. If you are beginner in blogger, create your website for free and add free hosting. You can get also cheap paid hosting in this website. There some best web hosting plan: Basic, Web Pro Plus and Max Pack Plus.
AwardSpace some package features:

Basic: You can add 2 website on this hosting plan same server, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Monthly Traffic and Free SSL & HTTPS.

Web Pro Plus: In this hosting plan you can get one free domain, add 10 website in same server, Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited traffic.

Max Pack Plus: You can get all in one on this hosting plan. Its great for grown your businesses. They provide you Unlimited websites, Unlimited Disk Space, 2 free Domain for Lifetime and unlimited Monthly Traffic.

7. Byethost

Byet Internet Services is a privately owned hosting company and its offer free hosting on your website. In this website all hosting services packed  with 100 of feature including MySQL, Site builder, PHP, Email and  more over. They hosting over one million website with 10 years experience. There  3 type of package: Dedicated servers, Free hosting and Premium hosting. Their reseller plans are allowing you to run your own paid hosting service with free domain redistration API.


This web hosting provider give you 100% unlimited free hosting with cPanel, PHP7, free website builder and more feature. They provide you 1000MB pure SSS space for your website and you can add free sub-domaim with free SSL. Create your website with an easy drop down option without programming and install more then 480 plus popular scripts for your website. GoogieHost best free web hosting site.

9. Freehostia

Frrehostia is a also free hosting provider. There all of web hosting plans are optimized to work with popular Php web applications like a Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop and more than 50 other free applications.If your website is small and you have no money, then you can use  this free hosting website for growing your website. They have  some free and paid pack for customer. Paid hosting package: Virtual Private Servers, Semi-dedicated Server and Dedicated Servers.


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