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New Upcoming Movies | Release dates and Trailers [2020-2021]

  Hollywood New Upcoming Movies   Hollywood presented us   some great human dramas, action, romantic and comedies movie this year, yet depe...

 Hollywood New Upcoming Movies 
Hollywood presented us  some great human dramas, action, romantic and comedies movie this year, yet depend on them to take things up an indent in 2020. The year ahead is good to go to see a long queue up of high octane activity flicks, alongside the ascent of superheroes fighting supervillains, reboots and increasingly set to hit theaters throughout the entire year. Here we bring to you a rundown of the discharge dates and the most recent trailers of forthcoming Hollywood motion pictures to anticipate alongside the most recent updates, appraisals, cast information and that's just the beginning.

Top 15 upcoming Hollywood movie:

1.No Time to Die (April 2, 2021)
No Time to Die is an upcoming movie of James Bond series. This spy movie directed by cary Joji Fukunaga and written by Fukunaga, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. This movie main character is James Bond who is an intelligence officer in the Secret Service. And James Bond also known by his code number 007. In this movie story line is recruited to rescue a kidnapped scientist and James Bond finds himself hot on the trail of a mysterious villain. We all known that James Bond movie mane more action, more thriller and new technology dangerous weapon. No Time to Die movie total budget $250million. Really its big amount! Watch this movie on theater…
2. Top Gun: Maverick (July 2, 2021)
Top Gun: Maverick is American action drama movie directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Top Cruise and David Ellison. This movie is the sequel to Top Gun (1986). Here Tom Cruise main character who is a new generation of U.S Navy  fighter pilots. After 34 years we will see again Tom Cruise in Top Gun movie. Top Gun movie based on a true story a real life person, who is worked at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. This movie total budget $152million. I am big fan of Tom Cruise and I hope you also. So must be watching this movie on theater.
3. Black Widow (April 29, 2021)
Black Widow is based on Marvel Comics character “Black Widow”. It is an upcoming American superhero movie directed by Cate Shortland and written by Jac Schaeffer and Ned Benson. Here Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), who is a highly trained former KGB assassin and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. we almost saw Black Widow in Marvel movie like Ironman 2, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avenger. In this movie we see Black Widow past and untold story of Black Widow. As we known Marvel all movie story line connected each other, so if you are Marvel Comic fan you need watch this movie. Please watch this movie on theater…. 
4. Wonder Woman 1984(August 13, 2020)
Wonder Women 1984(ww84) is a superhero film based the DC Comics character of Wonder Women and directed by Patty Jenkins. It is a sequel of Wonder Women in 2017. In movie Wonder Women squares off against the Cheetah, who possesses superhuman strength and agility. Diana Prince comes to into conflict with two formidable foes Maxwell Lord and Cheetah in 1984. Here we see Diane past story. This film distributed by Warner Bros. DC Comics first film on 2020, don’t miss it if you are DC fan. Please watch this movie in theater…
 5. A Quiet Place: Part 2 (April 23, 2021)
This movie is an upcoming horror film that is the sequel to A Quiet Place (2018). A Quiet Place 2 is written and directed by John Krasinski. The sequel began in April 2018 following the box office huge success of the first movie. A Quiet Place 2 story following the deadly events at home, they are now move another continue. In this movie the creatures some different because the creatures hunt by sound are not the only threats that lurk beyond the sand path. A Quiet Place 2 total budget $17 million. If you want to see horror and thriller movie, then you must be watch this movie. Please watch this movie in theater.

6. The kings Man( February 12, 2021)
The Kings Man is an upcoming spy action movie directed by Matthew Vaughn and wrote screenplay by Karl Gajdusek. The kings Man distributed by 20th Century Studios. This is third film in the kingsman filme series, which is based on the kingsman comic  book series. In this movie we see a man stop historys worst tyrants and criminal masterminds as they get together to plot a war for destroy humanity. Kingmans series previous  movies make fan and hug success. If you want see some spy agent type of movie, you must be watch this movie. Please watch this movie in theater.
 7. F9:Fast & Furious 9(May 28, 2021)
Fast & Furious is an upcoming American action movie written by Daniel Casey and directed by Justin Lin. Fast & Furious 9 will be the ninth main installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. The movie start with a big fight and Dominic Toretto and his crew join to battle the most high performance driver and most skilled assassin. Everyone knows Fast & Furious actors and actress, but what is they not know who is the villain of this movie. We see there two brother fight John Cena(Jakob Toretto) and Vin Diesel(Dominic Toretto). Maybe this movie budget grossing $210 million. Fast and Furious is the top ten  action movie in the world. Please watch this movie in theater. 
8. The Eternals (February 10, 2021)
The Eternals is a superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics of “The Eternals”. It’s directed by Chloe Zhao and produced by Kevin Feige. This movie story spanning over 7000 years, the Eternals is some immortal alien race created by the Celestials for protect humanity form their evil counterparts.  we see lots of celebrity in this movie: Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and kit Harington etc. The Eternals movie shooting is running, we don’t know that total budget of this movie. So don’t miss this movie if you are marvel fan….
 9. Bloodshot (February 20, 2020)
Bloodshot is an upcoming superhero movie based on the Valiant Comics character of Bloodshot. The movie is directed by David Wilson and written by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer. This movie story after he and his wife are murdered and a secret team of scientists testing his body. They inject enhanced with nanotechnology his blood and his all memories delete, he becomes a super-human. The scientists called him biotech killing machine(Bloodshot). But some day his memories flood back and remembers this man who killed him and his wife. Then he breaks out the lab and going to kill this man. So enjoy this movie on theater. I hope Bloodshot is going big success.
10. Dolittle ( January 17, 2020)
Dolittle is an upcoming fantasy adventure movie, it based on the character Doctor Dolittle created by Hugh Lofting. Dolittle movie directed by Stephen Gaghan and produced by Susan Downey. The movie story is after dead his wife seven years, the John Dolittle famed doctor and veterinarian of England. And when Queen of England falls gravely ill, they forced Dolittle to search cure of this ill. Then he going adventure to a mythical island. This film total budget $175 million. Robert Downey Jr cast of doctor Dolittle. I am big fan of Robert Downey Jr and maybe you also. So don’t miss it go watch this movie in theater..
 11. Underwater (jan 10,2020)
This is a 2020 American science fiction horror movie directed by William Eubank and written by Adam Cozad and Brian Duffield. Underwater movie story star to the bottom of the ocean and there some group of scientists experiment or build something. Suddenly there encounter a group of creatures attack their station and destroys the laboratory. There some scientist escaping this place and try to survival of this creatures. This was released in the America on January 10, 2020 by 20th Century Fox. Underwater film total budget of $50-80 million. In this movie we see Kristen Stewart as Norah Price, who lead the group of scientists into escaping to the bottom of ocean. She is a mechanical engineer of the kepler(station).
12. The New Mutants(August 28, 2020)
The New Mutants is an American horror and Fantasy movie. This movie based on the Marvel Comics and distributed by 20th Century Studios. The New Mutants film directed by Josh Boone and produced by Simon Kinberg , Karen Rosenfelt and Lauren Shuler Donner. In this movie a group of teen age mutants held ina secret facility fight to save themselves. We see there Anya Taylor, Maisie Williams , Charilie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu hunt and Henry Zaga. The New Mutants total budget $200 million. We also see there some X-Men film superhero and Boone confirmed that the film would be full fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe. If your X-Men movies fans, you must be watch this movie. Please watch this movie in theater.
 13. Jungle Cruise (july 29, 2021)
Jungle Cruise is an upcoming American adventure movie based on Walt Disneys theme park attraction of the same name. There we see Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and Frank Wolff(Dwayne johnson) to go Amazon for some thing an ancient tree that holds the power to heal and this discovery will be change the future of medicine. Jungle Cruise movie total budget $90 million. This movie easy big success because Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt have hug fans. And nowaday Dwayne Johnson is most famous actor in hollywood. So, Jungle Cruise  is going to massive success. Please watch this movie in theater. 
14. Ghostbusters: Afterlife (June 11, 2021)
Ghostbusters: Afterlife is an upcoming American supernatural comedy drama movie written by Reitman and Gil Kenan and directed by Jason Reitman. This movie is  a sequel to Ghostbuster(1984) and Ghostbuster 2(1989). In this movie a single mother and her two children move to a new town and they discover that they have a connection to the original ghostbuster. their grandfather and his family secret legacy. Ghostbuster: Afterlife total budget $100 million. If you like comedy horror movie, then you watch this movie. Please watch this movie in theater.
15.The Invisible Man (February 28, 2020)
The Invisible Man is a science fiction psychological horror film directed and written by Leigh Whannell. This movie based on the novel of the same name by H.G. Wells. In 1933 the first Invisible Man movie release, there Dr. Jack Griffin researching a new drug that can be make him invisible and he did it. Then the doctor goes on a violent rampage and the police searching him for arrest. Those time that movie is biggest hit. The Invisible Man film total budget $1.2 million, it really low budget movie. But budget is not fact. Please watch this movie in theater.

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