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Electric Vehicle battery developed that can fully recharge in just 5 minutes.

Electric Vehicle battery developed that can fully recharge in just 5 minutes In the future we all need to move on Electric car, because now ...

Electric Vehicle battery developed that can fully recharge in just 5 minutes

In the future we all need to move on Electric car, because now this day oil and gas we use in our car engine, it produces huge amount of carbon dioxide. Its not good for environment. Day by day increasing temperature in our earth for carbon dioxide. If this is going, we no longer able to live in our world. Now this time to think and do something for environment. But the poor country not afford that, because many countries have minimum electricity for live their daily life. For that we find out sweet able way generate electricity. Going on my topic what do you think is it possible to charge your battery in five minutes.

    Why We Need Use Electric Vehicle?

    Electric vehicle is reducing carbon dioxide and the emissions that contribute to climate change. But its also have some disadvantage like a charging battery taking too much time. For that why you going to get stuck on the highway or you’re going to need sit in a EV (Electric vehicle) charging station for two hours.  Now Israeli company StoreDot may have solution for this problem. These new lithium-ion batteries were manufactured by Eva Energy in Chine. They want to made lithium-ion batteries can charge in just five minutes; it lunches in 2025. This is experience you driving like exactly fuel car no more waiting for charge.

    How to Charge These Batteries in Five Minutes?

    Now question is how to charge these batteries in five minutes? StoreDot explains that graphite is replaced with semiconductor nanoparticles in this lithium-ion battery, this eliminates the previous barrier in which ions short circuit the battery as they attempt to pass through the graphite. Now, ions can quickly pass through the nanoparticles to store the charge. Can you believe that charging your car battery in five minutes and going 100 miles. This is a dream all electric car fan. StoreDot has already demonstrated fast charging battery in drone, phone and scooters.

    Furure of the Electric Vehicles & How Much Does The EV Market Grow?

     In the future world’s leading companies and policy maker are coalescing setting for adopting zero emission electric vehicles. The price of lithium-ion batteries same as gas and fossil fuel cost. Day by day increasing Electric car sales, that’s mean the battery manufacturing companies earn huge revenue. Every develop counters move on these new electric vehicles. Global sales of EV (Electric Vehicles) accelerated fast in 2020, in this situation rising by 43% to more than 3million. According to data published on 2021 by, sales of electric vehicles more than double in Europe counters and China. China is the world biggest market for Electric Vehicles.

    Top Four Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Companies

    Let’s see top four Electric Vehicle manufacturing companies, who is lead the Electric Vehicle market in the future.

    1. Renault-Nissan (Jan-March: 26,248)

    Renault-Nissan Alliance is a Japanese-French automobile manufacturers company. In December 2019, the Alliance is one of the world's leading EV(Electric Vehicle) manufacturing company. They global sales over 800,000 electric vehicles. The Nissan Leaf and The Renault Zoe all electric cars are top selling vehicles.


    2. Tesla (20,142) 

    Tesla is an American electric car manufacturing  and clean energy based company. It was founded by American entrepreneurs Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in 2003. Tesla electric vehicles more then famous any other company electric vehicles and Tesla market value increasing day by day.


    3. BAIC (Jan-March: 10,903)

    BAIC is a Chinese  automobile and machine manufacturing company. Its was founded in 1958. In 2010 BAIC was one of the most productive Chinese automarket. BAIC all electric vehicles was the top selling vehicles in Chine with 78,079 units sold.


    4. Zotye (Jan-March: 6,638)

    Zotye Auto is a owned Chinese automobile manufacturer company in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China. It was founded on 2005 by Zotye Holding Group. Fortune released top 500 Chinese companies list on july 10,2018 and zotye is one of them. Zotye total revenue of 20.80 billion RMB amd profit of 1.13 billion RMB. A developing and developed countries both are become more active in EV(Electric Vehicle) manufacturing.

    The government has led the promotion of next-generation environment friendly vehicles in developed countries. Because its safe and reduce the cost. Many small enterprises have joined the electric vehicles business as new business opportunities. Electric vehicles  are comfortable, exciting and economic. Reduced harmful exhaust emission and use low energy. There most common disadvantage is recharging the battery take time. In future this problem will be solve, because they found how to battery recharge in 5 minute. 

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