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5G Allow Artificial Intelligence To Detect Human Emotions

5G Allow Artificial Intelligence To Detect Human Emotions Many researchers have designed an AI based 5G integrated virtual emotion recogniti...

5G Allow Artificial Intelligence To Detect Human Emotions

Many researchers have designed an AI based 5G integrated virtual emotion recognition system that detects human emotions using body movement and wireless signals. The main goal of artificial intelligent is learning, reasoning and perception. This used across different industries including finance and healthcare. We use weak AI for simple and single task, strong AI used for carries on tasks that are more complex. 

    What is AI(Artificial Intelligent)

    We used artificial intelligent every day in our life. Now you thinking what is AI (Artificial Intelligent)? If you understand simple way, artificial intelligent (AI) refers to the build human intelligence in machines that are coding to think like a human. For example, manufacturing robots, self-driving cars, smart assistants, Automated financial investing, social monitoring and many more. In future AI used every electric machine and change the world.  If you see in your mobile phone, you using social app like Facebook. There AI monitoring tool or social listening tool installed. Its analysis your searching data, touch impression and more. When AI fully analysis your data AI know what you want, what you search in google, what you buy, what you watch. They read your mind without your permission. Wait wait if you think that we not against of AI. We are just told you how to use AI in this day. 

    You know every good thing has some bad thing. But we support AI, because in future AI lead the whole machine and command to do his work, like a king (AI). We need to use this technology very safe. If AI going to out of control and build his own clone or build virus destroy the hole hardware, fighting against us. If you see terminator, you can imagine what we say. But don’t warry its just science fiction movie.

    How to daily life we use AI ?

    Now this day everyone use AI for easy to do his work. For example,

    1    Rider sharing app(like Uber or Lyft):

    In our life every day we use this app for going to office, home and another place. Did think that how they manage every customer and how do they fix the price of our ride? Uber lead engineering Jeff Schneider tell this in an NPR interview how uber use Machine learning to rider demand to ensure that price. Uber’s Head of ML (Machine Learing) robot confirm uder rider, meal delivery time to time on UberEATS, analysis pickup location and set rider.

    2.  AI autopilot and auto-drive:

    Surprisingly AI technology use early in commercial airlines. In New York Times reports  the average flight of Boeing plane involves just seven minutes of human steered flight, that mean typically reserved only for landing and take off. Now Tesla use AI in they electric car. Tesla car can drive own his self and  many more safely feature. In the future no more rider needed for driving car, because that time AI can drive your can or Uber’s car.

    3. Online shopping with AI:

    In this situation every country online shop growing up and earn much more revenue for there. For selling something to someone they use some tool to promote or show his product to customer. They use Google ads or Facebook ads advertise his product and they pay for that some amount of money. Now move on main topic how Google and Facebook know we want this product. They have use of data collection our daily life what we search, what we watch and where we click. They analysis all data and showing us the that type of product we want. Now the question is how they analysis this huge of data. For that they need to hire many more employ for analysis every day our data. Its loss many time and loss many moneys. That’s way they use AI and analysis our data. AI can be work non-stop without any mistake. AI decide which customer need that product.  

    What type of emotion AI can capture and how that system work?

    AI can recognize five kind of emotion-Joy, Sadness, A neutral state and anger. AI system concerned with detection server, which is called AI-Virtual Emotion Barrier. It captures on the reflection of wireless signal from a human face subject to detect emotions. AI collect all emotion at a specific time and specific area. And now utilizes this large amount of emotion data to create a virtual emotion map that can be detect the threat and crime prevention. We create a safe city using this AI security.

    Day by day AI future growing to fast. Its good for us, because we can assign a virtual assistance with low cost. There also some disadvantage, but don’t warry everything have some advantage and disadvantage. Maybe in future AI can be help us to complex and dangerous work, which human can not do this. AI use every sector for saving money and time.

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