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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [In 2021]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2021 Affiliate marketing!! What is it? Do you know what is it? Let me explain, it is the p...

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2021

Affiliate marketing!! What is it? Do you know what is it? Let me explain, it is the process by which earns a commission for marketing any company’s or another person’s products. You need to just promotes their product with your website or any social platform.  You need try to build customer interest for that product. For example, you try to good review that product on your website or social media and you tell them the features of that products. 

    Many ways you can promotes that product, but there famous two type of system for promoting that product: paid promoting system and free promoting system. For paid promoting method you need to invest some money for that product. You can create ads on Google ads or Facebook ads, then public on there. This way you can earn instantly and sale their product. And free promoting method is hard and you need work too much on free platform. Free platform means like a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora and make your own free website in blogger. You need choice your product and post every day on that free platform, write about that product feature or review that product. Maybe you can understand …

    There are six types of affiliate programs:

    When you first start affiliate programs, you will see that there are many different types of affiliate programs. That difference varies which companies what type of product sell and what type of programs they need. Choice your affiliate program which you can provide them. Basically, there are 6 types of affiliate programs:

    1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click): This one of the easiest affiliate programs. How is it work? In this program they provide you a link for promoting, when someone click that link and visit that website. You earn some money for that click. By the way that system give you very low commissions.

    2. PPL(Pay-Per-Lead): These programs they pay you only for each converted lead. It means when any visitors fill in a form or sign up to become a lead to your referral link or code. For that you earn some commission.

    3. PPS(Pay-Per-Sale): In this program, you earn money when someone buy their product or anything to your referral link. It’s pretty hard because you need to understand customer and make their interest for why they need that product. This most famous affiliate programs and in this program, you can earn much more money to others affiliate programs.

    4. Sitewide commissions: For that program they will pay you when someone purchase made by their referrals throughout the site.

    5. One Time Commission:  They pay you only once after the referrals complete the predetermined action.

    6. Recurring Commission: This program is subscription-based programs.


    Top five affiliate website  for Beginners 

    Now you think which affiliate platform is better and which is for you. Here we help to you, we have collected the 5 best affiliate platform and these affiliate platforms give you access to million of product and tens of thousands of merchants. Top 5 affiliate platform:

    1. ShareASale

    ShareASale is an most popular affiliate marketing network in the world. It based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago. They provide service two type of customer sets in affiliate marketing: the marchant, and the affiliate. They have 16,550+ of merchants and 225,000+ of publishers. ShareASale’s Commission fee is 20%(Merchant) but its change in any event or offer. You need to know this before sign-up:

    1. ShareASale minimum payout $50.

    2. Average commission depends on the what type of merchant you sign up with ShareASale.

    3. You can promote physical and digital products.


    2. Amazon Associates

    Amazon is the world biggest e-commerce market place. You can find out all most everything in there and they also have an affiliate platform, which is called Amazon Associates. For beginner you can try this platform. Before you start! you need to know something:

    1. Amazon Associate minimum payout very low just a $10(For direct deposit or Amazon gift card)

    2. Average commission ranges from 1% to 10%, its totally depends on the category.

    3. Amazon Cookie duration last for 24 hours.


    3. Awin

    Awin is another popular affiliate network that gives you access to over 16,500 merchants and ShareASale and Awin work together for provide their clients best commission, most comprehensive and innovation services. Now know something about Awin:

    1. Awin minimum payout $20.

    2. Average commission is depending on the type of merchant account you signup.

    3. Before you sign up, you need to pay $5. Don’t warry its refunded if your account approved. otherwise, you will loss that money.



    4. CJ Affiliate

    CJ is one of the biggest affiliate networks that means you will be able to access thousands of pyhcical and digital product. Yon will also find lots of smaller merchants and apply to these merchants form the CJ dashboard. Let’s now know something about CJ affiliate:

    1. CJ affiliate minimum payout $100 for check and $50 for direct deposit.

    2. Cookie duration depend on which merchant’s account you sign up.

    3. Average commission also depend on merchant’s account.

    5. ClickBank

    ClickBank is a global affiliate marketplace and internet retailer. It is another affiliate platform which has a lot of digital product and also offer physical product. If you are beginner you need to try this, because in ClickBank there lots of digital product you can promoting this in any country. Now know something about ClickBank:

    1. ClickBank minimum payout $10.

    2. Cookie duration 60 days usually, but it depends on specific merchant’s account.

    3. Average commission pretty higher, but it also depends on specific merchant’s account.

    How to start Affiliate Program


    Now how to start that? First you need to choose your affiliate platform, which is better for you. Then sign up as a publisher and fill up your details. By the way you want to promoting their product freely. Must be you have any website or any social media like pinterest. Carefully choice your product and maximum time try to promoting digital product, because digital product sells every country without wasting time. Before you start see some tutorial how to promote and good review any type of product. Best of luck....

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