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How to earn money in online for students

Now this day online earning is not difficult until we can find the right way to earn money online. There are different methods of earning mo...

Now this day online earning is not difficult until we can find the right way to earn money online. There are different methods of earning money online and some methods are free. If you choose the free methods definitely needs hard work and Patience, in there you invest your time. And if you choose the paid method then you need to focus on your work. 

Below we talk about two methods and explain why this method is best for you. Also, we give those platform links so you can easily find the right platform. Please comment below, If you have any problems or any suggestions for us.

    Freelance Writing


    It can be a great way to start earning money online. If you think I have no skill and nothing to know about that. Don’t worry you don’t need any type of special skills to start that. You will need a computer or mobile and an internet connection to get your customer. Joint any freelance group or Freelancer website, then find content writing, copywriting, audio-to-text, and many writing types of jobs. You need to select which type of writing you can do better. There are some different websites for accessing content writing work:








    If you are a good content creator or good writer, you must do this. Because there you can show your writing skill and also earn money. Create a free blogging website and post your content. In this case, you need to know how to write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly content and how to rank your post on search engines. Just watched some SEO tutorials and, you understand how to do that. Here are some popular websites for blogging and content writing:





    Online Surveys


    The online survey is one of the most popular data collection platforms, where you answer some questions or you can send a form to your friend and collect your friend’s answer. You can answer some particular topic or feedback some companies like a, what is your feedback on our service? what is we can update our service? What is your favorite game or social media? Many people use this survey to complete their research, it’s easy to collect another person’s opinion. Maybe you think why they use online surveys. Very simple they want some feedback to upgrade their product, change marketing strategies or enhance current features, etc. This is a great way to earn some money online. Just create an account and fill up the form or answer some questions. Here are some online survey platforms:





    Data Entry


    Data entry is some kind of information entered into a computer using a keyboard or scanner and voice typing. You can type data into a soft paper (like a doc and pdf file) or Hard-paper (like you can write data into a paper). Here you need some skill, you need to typing at least 50 or 80 words per minute, and you know minimal grammar and good punctuation. Which language is best for you, select your language and try to speed up your typing skill. Here are some websites you can find data entry jobs:





    Affiliate marketing


    Affiliate marketing is a method where you promote another company’s products or services and get a commission for this. This is the most common income source online. Everyone does this because it’s an easy invests free method. Now what you to do earn money with this method? You need to build a perfect website and social media account, where you can share your review or say some unique features of that product. Grow your website and social media visitor and then go to some good Affiliate market platforms to choose your product, where you can get a good commission. Here are some Affiliate marketing websites:



    Amazon Associates

    CJ Affiliate


    Social Media Manager


    Social media managers work in charge of representing a company on social channels. You need to be active online most of the time because you need to respond to comments, post, and create campaigns. Now this day, every company has its social channel to provide its support or product. Not only company actresses and actors also hire social managers to maintain their social accounts. For this, you need a laptop or desktop and find a social media manager’s job. Here are some websites you can find Social media managers jobs:




    YouTube Channel


    YouTube is the most common income source in the online earning platform for the beginner. Now this day YouTube is the most profitable company. Because billions of people visit this website and many hours are spent on YouTube. For watching a movie, news, random video, song, course tutorial, and many more. Anyone can earn there, just you need to mobile or laptop, choose your topic (which topic relates video you upload on YouTube) and create your channel. Regularly upload videos and after you get at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel, at least 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months. You can apply for monetization of your channel. If all is good in your channel, then after 24 or 48 hours they approved your monetization. 

    Youtube Channel


    Online Tutor


    This method is not for everyone, because for that you need to have good knowledge in any subject and you must have good skills to teach a person. If you have it then you can earn money on this method. To be an online tutor you need to complete a few steps. 1. Choose a subject-which subject you will be comfortable teaching. 2. Make a specific course pattern-After you choose the subject topic, you must make a good course pattern on that subject that attracts an audience. 3. Choose an online tutor platform-For selling your courses or you can teach them and earn money. Here are some websites you can find online tutor jobs:





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