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5 Steps to improve your search engine ranking in Google

We who do SEO optimization know that keywords, search engine rankings, and website traffic all play a pivotal role in website traffic. Accor...

We who do SEO optimization know that keywords, search engine rankings, and website traffic all play a pivotal role in website traffic. According to statistics, when US netizens search, their browsing habits are only in the first three pages, and rarely after the first three pages. Someone clicked to watch it, so among hundreds of millions of web pages, if the keyword ranking of an enterprise website is after the first three pages of google, then there will basically not be many clicks, so there will be no consulting conversion, so how to improve the ranking of the website, the following article will introduce some methods to improve the ranking of the website. If you are a local rich and quickly improve the ranking through bidding, then this article is not suitable for you. This article focuses on explaining how to improve the ranking through optimization way to improve your ranking.


1. The content of the website, publishing original articles

The quality of the website content is directly related to the keyword ranking. According to the content of the website, edit some original articles. The number of words is preferably more than 600 words, with more than 3 pictures, and the layout of the article is reasonable, Insist on updating at least one original article every day. Search engines always like to recommend those websites with rich content, prominent themes, and novel and unique articles to users. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the theme of your website is and what the target customer group is. What keywords will the target audience enter your website through, and what will they be interested in? With such questions in mind, analyze the user's thoughts more, think more about the user, and improve the website in the direction that the user welcomes. One day you will find that your keyword ranking is suddenly higher.

2. The structure of the Website

 The website pages are neat and capable, the column navigation is clear and convenient, and the page opening speed should be fast, because a website with a reasonable structure and a standardized layout is popular in all search engines. The website columns should be done around the company's main business projects, such as company profile, corporate culture, company address, etc., and must be authentic, so as to impress customers. The file name and directory name of the website should be reasonable, so that one is convenient for website management, and the other is that keywords can be highlighted and promoted, and it is also convenient for search engine spiders to visit.

3. Make friends and promote external links

Friendship links are a favorable condition for increasing rankings, and they are also necessary. You can add some peer website links, which will be of great help to the stability and improvement of rankings.

External links are links to your own website on other websites. Bring your own URL when publishing information on some external platforms, so that search engines can access your own website through external connections, increase your website's exposure rate, and this will help your website's traffic and ranking. Therefore, to make high-quality external links, it is necessary to promote them on some large-scale, high-weight, and highly relevant websites, and pay attention to the operating rules of the websites, so as to prevent the promotional content posted from being deleted, the loss outweighs the gain.

4. Make a good layout of long-tail keywords

According to the products and content of the enterprise website, choose reasonable keywords. Although the search volume of long-tail keywords is small and the search frequency is unstable, they have the advantages of low competition, unlimited word volume, more precise targets and high conversion rates. So how to obtain effective long-tail keywords, such as publishing Google SEO, doing Google drop-down words, Google-related search words, etc., are the most effective ways to obtain long-tail keywords.

5. Labels used

Reasonable use of tags will also promote page optimization and will allow search engines to better understand the core content of the page,so choose currect content labels.


The above is a method to improve the ranking of the website explained to you. Generally speaking, website optimization is a long-term process. If you want to know more information about optimizing the ranking, please comment below.

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