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Best SEO Tool For Rank Up Your Website In 2023(Part-1)

we introduced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from a large perspective, and emphasized that the success of SEO requires complete and accura...

we introduced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from a large perspective, and emphasized that the success of SEO requires complete and accurate data and technical support. We need to know that for search engine optimization on any platform, the use of SEO tools runs through the entire SEO process. From the usage scenarios, it can be roughly divided into on-site SEO tools and off-site SEO tools. 11 categories are introduced from the perspectives of overview, usage scenarios, prices, and whether they are recommended by primary users.

    1. Website traffic analysis tool

    In the early stage of SEO, using website traffic analysis tools to conduct preliminary research is what needs to be known before developing SEO. By investigating the traffic data and sources of competitor websites or large company websites in the same industry, you can quickly understand the general industry traffic information And the upper limit of traffic, and give an objective estimate, is a necessary step in the development of SEO strategy.

    1.1 Similar web

    Similarweb is a site traffic survey tool that can be used for free. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to use, rich in data types and accurate. As one of the commonly used tools for SEO, Similarweb can not only display the traffic trends and sources of a certain site, but also effectively help users conduct audience analysis, such as other sites or interest categories that visitors to the surveyed site usually visit, etc., which greatly satisfies Provided initial data needs for SEO initial competitor surveys or when businesses venture into new industries. If you become a paying user and upgrade Similarweb to the Pro version, you will be able to obtain more detailed and complete data, and get a series of optimization suggestions for all aspects of the user's website based on competitors. And its functions are far more than the above-mentioned items, which is why Similarweb has become one of the necessary tools for professional SEO service providers .

    Usage scenarios: Competitor online traffic survey, customer online traffic survey, audience analysis, industry analysis, etc.

    Similarweb price: free or optional paid upgrade (price determined on demand)

    Suggestion for individuals or beginners in SEO: include Similarweb among the necessary tools for SEO, and the free version can basically meet the needs of the early stage, and use it together with other tools such as SEMrush to achieve the best results. It is not too late to upgrade it to the Pro version after you get used to it or find that the data and functions of the free version can no longer meet your needs.


    2. SEO Keyword Tool

    Finding effective and accurately positioned keywords is the cornerstone of an SEO strategy, and its importance goes without saying, but the difficulty lies in the fact that it usually makes people fall into subjective judgments, but the data does not lie. With the help of a reliable SEO keyword tool, we can more accurately and efficiently screen out the SEO keywords that suit us.

    2.1 SEMrush

    As an old-fashioned integrated SEO data acquisition tool, SEMrush combines a series of functions that may be needed in the process of off-site SEO, such as competitor survey, website ranking tracking, keyword analysis, and site technical problem diagnosis, or in Functions that will be used in Google PPC advertising and social media operations. Its essence is a comprehensive Google SEO tool, the reason why we classify it as SEO keyword tool, as we mentioned in the article on SEO introduction, the strength and characteristic function of SEMrush is to analyze the keywords of competitors, and view organic traffic data for your site. The convenience and accuracy of these two functions alone are worth paying a high monthly renewal fee for an SEO service provider.

    Usage scenarios: Competitor keyword analysis, available keyword analysis, competitor online traffic survey, customer online traffic survey, traffic source analysis, competitor external link analysis, etc.

    SEMrush Price: USD $119.95-$449.5 per month

    Personal or newbie SEO advice: Choosing SEMrush would be a wise decision. The fee of USD$119.95-$449.5 per month can buy almost all the functions that must be used in the early stage of off-site SEO. Combined with SEO tools that supplement some other functions, it can cover almost all aspects of off-site SEO, completely satisfying the beginners user needs.

    2.2 Google Keywords Planner

    Google Keywords Planner is Google's official free keyword research tool, and it only has the function of keyword research. Although the displayed data is not very accurate, especially for Chinese keywords, as a professional Google SEO service provider, of course, you cannot ignore the official data provided by Google. Our suggestion is to use the data of Google Keywords Planner as an auxiliary analysis and supplementary content to do a more comprehensive keyword research and formulate a good SEO keyword strategy.

    Usage scenarios: competitor keyword analysis, available keyword analysis, keyword planning

    Google Keywords Planner Price: Free

    Suggestions for individuals and beginners in SEO: It is not recommended to use Google Keywords Planner alone as a complete keyword data source, especially for Chinese SEO, because its accuracy cannot fully meet the overall needs of SEO, and it needs to be combined with SEMrush or other SEO keys Word tools are commonly used. Remember not to deviate from the general direction of SEO in order to save this expense, then the loss outweighs the gain.

    3. Google Search Results Management Tool

    Such tools belong to the category of website maintenance tools. The purpose of using site Google search result management tools is to better escort SEO and create more friendly conditions. The prerequisite for SEO is the good operation of the website. Real-time monitoring of the status of the website in search engines can ensure that the results of SEO will not be wasted in vain.

    3.1 Google Search Console

    As Google's webmaster tool, Google Search Console serves any individual or group that owns a website. Its main purpose is to provide website owners with the ability to monitor and maintain their website's presence in Google's search results. Using the search console not only enables the updated content to be included by Google in a timely manner after the website is updated, but also allows the webmaster to properly manage Google search traffic data and negative issues that affect the website included by Google. Although Google can also automatically include websites of non-registered users of the search console, for SEO, Google Search Console is a necessary Google SEO tool for every business or individual in need.

    Usage scenarios: website status monitoring, website search engine index negative problem troubleshooting, website Google search traffic analysis, website index keyword analysis, etc.

    Google Search Console Price: Free

    Personal and newbie SEO advice: Like Google Keywords Planner, we recommend this tool and not just because it's free. An enterprise's online marketing is always based on data, and a wider range of data sources and tracking can more securely guarantee the effect of SEO.

    4. External link building SEO tools

    The high-quality backlinks (Backlinks) leading to your own website from other websites trusted by Google can greatly improve the final effect of SEO. Google's algorithm lists backlinks as one of the most important factors affecting SEO. But how to find more possible external link opportunities under the premise of ensuring quality, you need to use a powerful enough SEO external link tool.

    4.1 Ahrefs

    Like SEMrush, Ahrefs is also a one-stop SEO tool that integrates various functions, and what impressed us the most after using it is naturally its most worth mentioning external link survey function, convenience, completeness and The degree of expansion is ahead of its similar products. Of course, Ahrefs also has a good performance as a one-stop tool in other aspects such as resource analysis and keyword investigation, but with Semrush as a comparison, the advantages of Ahrefs in these aspects are not so obvious. For SEO service providers, we generally use Ahrefs and SEMrush at the same time for cross-data comparison, and generally take the more accurate functional data of each as a reference. In addition, Ahrefs has a very interesting and practical feature that it can switch between Google and other platforms such as YouTube, Baidu, Amazon and other platforms with one click for keyword data, which is very useful for companies or individuals operating on multiple platforms. easy to use.

    Usage scenarios: Competitor keyword analysis, available keyword analysis, competitor online traffic survey, customer online traffic survey, traffic source analysis, competitor external chain analysis, multi-platform data analysis, etc.

    Ahrefs Price: USD $99-$999 per month

    Personal and SEO novice advice: Because the price is not cheap, the renewal fee of USD$99-$999 per month will discourage many people. If you choose the lowest price of $99, each report only shows 10 intersecting backlinks or only 175 keyword reports per week, which often cannot meet the needs of the entire SEO project. If you want to try to use it, you can choose an intermediate price according to your specific needs, and then gradually increase the grade when you use it smoothly or have a higher demand.

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