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Future of Artificial Intelligence

Since the 22nd century, artificial intelligence is leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation all over ...

Since the 22nd century, artificial intelligence is leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation all over the world, changing people's production and lifestyle. Emerging information technologies represented by artificial intelligence (AI) are booming, and artificial intelligence application technologies, especially in professional service fields such as healthcare, education, finance, security, and defense, are accelerating their popularity. Regarding artificial intelligence, we conclude that Artificial Intelligence, generally referred to as AI, refers to the use of machines to achieve all tasks that can only be achieved with the help of human intelligence.

It is essentially based on the continuous improvement of learning ability and reasoning ability, to imitate human thinking, The process of cognition, decision-making, and action. The current artificial intelligence technology has been applied in finance, insurance, media, consumption, and other fields. This round of transformation in the manufacturing industry has surpassed the industry, enterprises, and the field itself. With the improvement of big data and cloud computing capabilities, more technologies and information technologies have been fully developed and have been deeply applied to the manufacturing industry structure effect.

From Stanford's 2021 Global AI Index Report, it can be concluded. In general, people's expectations for AI have reached a stage of relatively high expectations as they deepen their understanding of AI. Today, artificial intelligence has been integrated into our lives, such as smartphones that almost everyone owns, smart appliances at home, and so on. It can be seen from this that the future development of artificial intelligence has great prospects, because human imagination is unlimited, and it has been on the road without stopping. Historically, due to excessive publicity and high expectations for artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence technology has experienced the so-called "AI winter" several times, and the public has lost confidence in the development of artificial intelligence. However, the artificial intelligence industry has risen again due to the continuous emergence of new technologies.

South Korea's MBN TV station launched South Korea's first artificial intelligence anchor. The artificial intelligence host, whose appearance is almost exactly the same as that of a real person, imitated the voice and intonation of a real person, and successfully broadcast the main news and several quick news of the day. MBN TV station stated that the artificial intelligence anchor can quickly broadcast news content to the audience in an emergency, and can work 24 hours without interruption, saving a lot of manpower, time, and cost.

Ada, a German artificial intelligence medical robot, has always attracted attention. At present, more than 3 million people around the world use Ada. After the patient inputs the symptoms into the application program interface, "Ada" will analyze and evaluate the patient's symptoms through artificial intelligence algorithms and give treatment Suggest.

The general direction of artificial intelligence in the future mainly focuses on three aspects: autonomous driving, smart life, and smart medical care. These three directions are exactly the three aspects in which artificial intelligence has the greatest potential to surpass humans. Artificial intelligence's big data calculation analysis and autonomous learning and judgment capabilities will provide huge advantages. The sustainable development of the world in the future will increasingly depend on the value created by data, and artificial intelligence is one of the most widely used technologies in the digital economy. Artificial intelligence will play an important role in areas such as precision agriculture, telemedicine, and autonomous driving. In addition, with the initial formation of the quantum computing ecological industry chain, quantum computing will definitely gain attention in more application fields, and more and more industry giants have invested in research and development resources to carry out advanced strategic layouts, and have the opportunity to provide future artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The field brings a new look. It will also bring a new look to all mankind.



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