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Turkey Will Build The Largest Wave Power Plant In The World.

Waves are a huge renewable energy source, which will not occupy precious land on land and cause environmental pollution when used for power ...

Waves are a huge renewable energy source, which will not occupy precious land on land and cause environmental pollution when used for power generation. These advantages just make up for the shortcomings of traditional energy sources. Therefore, waves have become a new energy source with development potential, which has attracted the attention of many oceanic countries. Pay attention to. Wave energy is converted from solar energy. Wind is formed due to various reasons such as solar radiation and the rotation of the earth. The ocean generates waves due to the action of wind. The principle of wave power generation is simply to use the potential energy difference of wave motion, impact force or The buoyancy difference is converted into mechanical energy, which then drives the generator to generate electricity. At present, there is no commercial wave generator set in the world, and it is still in the stage of offshore testing and demonstration. 

Sweden's Eco Wave Power has been proving its relatively simple, pier-mounted wave energy installations for at least a decade, and now they have signed a conditional deal to install a 77-megawatt installation in Turkey, upon completion It will also be the largest wave power station in the world. We first encountered the company, originally founded in Israel, in 2012 when its equipment was being tested in a wave tank.


Its structure is as simple as wave power: small buoys heave with the waves, drive hydraulic motors, and run generators, but the difference is that these aren't floating designs, they're installed on land-based infrastructure like breakwaters and seawalls so they can harness With the full height difference of each wave relative to the ground, it is easy to deploy and maintain, and does not require subsea cables to bring energy back to shore.

As a result, the company says its generators are relatively cheap and pay for themselves in about three years. With a lifespan of about 30 years and a levelized cost of energy (LCoE) of about $44 per megawatt-hour, EcoWave says their cost to produce energy 24 hours makes them competitive with solar and wind, depending on Installation Location.

In 2016, the company installed its first grid-connected wave power plant in Gibraltar. The 100-kilowatt system ran for six years before being dismantled earlier this year and its core components sent to the United States as part of some kind of Demonstration device running. In March, the company said it was in talks with Gibraltar for a larger 5-megawatt facility that would provide 15% of the island's electricity needs.

EcoWave announced in 2019 the launch of a second 100kW grid-connected pilot project in Israel, which is still under construction. The company has already signed concession agreements with some governments for megawatt-scale projects, effectively gaining the right to build and operate its own commercial wave power stations on public land, but will need to obtain permits, financing and other follow-up. It now boasts a "project pipeline" of 404.7 megawatts. 

The latest project is a concession agreement with the city of Ordu in Turkey. Subject to some conditions, Ordu will select and assign 9 breakwaters to Eco Wave Power for a period of 25 years and the company will be able to build and operate its own wave energy plants. This will start with a 4 MW test station and could eventually be expanded to 77 MW, which would make it the largest wave power facility in the world.

It is unclear where the money to build and install the 404.7 megawatts worth of wave energy generators will come from. And progress is bound to be fairly slow, and while the technology itself looks simple and promising, eco wave power companies better start doing a good job of demonstrating it commercially to prove that these things make financial sense and make good business models at the same time As well as generating good clean energy.

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