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Best SEO Tool For Boost Your Website Traffic In 2023(Part-3)

Here is the third part of Best SEO Tool For Rank Up Your Website In 2023. In this content, we discuss about Server Optimized SEO Tools, Webs...

Here is the third part of Best SEO Tool For Rank Up Your Website In 2023. In this content, we discuss about Server Optimized SEO Tools, Website Content Optimization SEO Tools and On-site picture optimization SEO tool.

    1. Server Optimized SEO Tools – CDN (Content Delivery Network)

    In addition to optimizing the speed of the website itself to increase the speed of user access, starting from the server side is another breakthrough point for accelerating the loading of user access to web pages. The combination of the two can improve the loading speed of the website more comprehensively. At this time, CDN existence becomes very important. The full name of CDN is Content Delivery Network, literally translated as content distribution network. The main purpose is to disperse resources in the site to multiple nodes, realize the purpose of shortening user access delay, and solve the problem of slow website response speed caused by problems such as small bandwidth or large number of visits. question. In addition to speeding up, the use of CDN is also conducive to wider geographical coverage, website security, etc., and is a popular option for major commercial websites on the market.

    1.1 Cloudflare

    As an established CDN provider, Cloudflare enjoys a very good reputation in the industry, has almost the largest global network, and is generally regarded as one of the best CDN tools for WordPress websites. Cloudflare's free plan can fully meet all aspects of small personal sites and solve the actual needs of users.

    Compatible content management system (CMS) : any system

    Usage scenarios : website speed optimization, website update and maintenance, website security monitoring, etc.

    Cloudflare Price : Free or USD $20 – $200 per month or Custom plan

    Personal or SEO novice suggestion : If the website CMS is WordPress, Cloudflare is a tool that cannot be missed. No matter from the perspective of learning or practicality, the free version of Cloudflare can provide sufficient technical support for general websites.

    Google SEO Tool Interface - Cloudflare While monitoring data, Cloudflare can also protect website security


    2. Website Content Optimization SEO Tools

    As the cornerstone of website SEO, copy content requires a lot of effort to optimize, and this process needs to be continued to ensure the long-term effect of SEO. Systematic optimization of website copywriting with appropriate tools is the most common practice. Another point that is easily overlooked is the URL inside the site, which is equally important for SEO, and an excellent SEO on-site content optimization tool also needs to take this into consideration.

    2.1 Yoast

    Yoast is an automated Google SEO tool for WordPress, and its optional free version makes it popular with many users. Its keyword optimization function for website copywriting is very well-known in the industry, and its downloads in the WordPress plugin library have exceeded five million. The characteristic of Yoast is that its optimization settings for SEO are very simple and direct, which is very suitable for novices to use, and Yoast has a Chinese interface, which is also a major advantage. But for advanced users, you may find that it has some functional deficiencies, especially the free version.

    Compatible content management system (CMS) : WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, Neos CMS

    Usage scenarios : website SEO content optimization, website copy keyword optimization, website structure optimization, etc.

    Yoast Price : Free or USD $89 per year

    Suggestion for individuals or beginners in SEO : The free version of Yoast is very suitable for beginners, and there are basically no difficulties in operation. But when you want to upgrade to the paid version or need more functions after getting more familiar with on-site SEO, it is recommended to compare it with the Rank Math we will introduce next, and you may find that it is a better advanced choice .

    Google SEO Tool Interface - Yoast Simple interface and settings, suitable for beginners

    2.2 Rank Math

    Yoast and Rank Math have always been two tools that are often compared, and their usage scenarios are very similar. From the WordPress plugin library, we can see that the user ratings of the two plugins are all five stars, but the download volume of Rank Math is less than Yoast, only one million. Although such downloads are enough to prove that Rank Math is a very popular and high-quality plug-in, the difference between the two tools can also be found through the gap in the number of users. As mentioned above, Yoast is an on-site SEO tool that is more suitable for novices and ordinary users. high learning costs. Then for a professional SEO service provider, choosing Rank Math must be a better solution.

    Compatible Content Management System (CMS) : WordPress

    Usage scenarios: website SEO content optimization, website copy keyword optimization, website structure optimization, etc.

    Rankmath Price: Free or USD $59-$199 per year

    Suggestion for individuals or beginners in SEO: If you want to get ready for the in-depth optimization of website SEO in one step, then it will be the best choice to get started directly with Rank Math. From the perspective of long-term development, it saves the re-learning time of changing tools later, so the learning cost will be lower. However, Rank Math does not support the Chinese version for the time being, so it takes a little more time to get familiar with it in the early stage. But for users who do not have high requirements for SEO optimization depth, they can choose to support the Chinese version of Yoast.

    Google SEO Tool Interface - Rank Math Compared with Yoast, Rank Math has richer functions and higher degree of customization


    3. On-site picture optimization SEO tool

    Usually, the image optimization on the site may be ignored by many novices who are new to SEO, but it is undeniable that image optimization, as a part of website speed optimization and structure optimization, is indispensable for in-depth SEO optimization. Google will not only include the copywriting in the site for website ranking, but also include the name or description of the pictures in the site as a reference. At the same time, the size of the image file is also a decisive factor affecting the website loading speed. An excessively large image size will bring a heavy burden to the website server after the number of images increases, and the display of a large number of images is the basis for the survival of e-commerce websites , so we should optimize for this from the start. SEO image optimization tools do exactly that.

    3.1 ShortPixel

    The image compression algorithm directly determines the effect of image display on the website. Controlling the image file size within a reasonable range will not affect the user's experience when viewing images, but also reduce the load on the server. ShortPixel's powerful algorithm provides a solution for this , and the addition of ShortPixel CDN further optimizes the loading speed of pictures on the website. An interesting point is that the ShortPixel AI plug-in launched by ShortPixel provides adaptive responsive image size for different devices, which has become a major feature of it.

    Compatible Content Management Systems (CMS) : WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, on-site image optimization, etc.

    ShortPixel Price: USD $0 – $1000 per month

    Personal or SEO novice advice: ShortPixel is a powerful option, and its pricing is calculated by the number of images, which may not be too friendly for large e-commerce websites. But choosing a low-priced package will enable ordinary users to enjoy the convenience brought by this lightweight tool.

    Google SEO Tool Interface - ShortPixel The basic batch image compression function has been provided for free on the ShortPixel site

    3.2 Imagify

    Imagify is a good choice of image optimization tools. It is roughly similar to ShortPixel in function. The difference is its charging method: unlike ShortPixel, which is priced by the number of images, Imagify distinguishes different levels by optimizing the total file size of the image. , and the renewal fee of $9.99 per month can enjoy unlimited feature usage. Functionally, more customization options are the advantages of Imagify. In addition, a major feature of Imagify is that it allows users to choose the compression rate of each level of the image to find the balance between image size and image quality.

    Compatible Content Management System (CMS) : WordPress

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, on-site image optimization, etc.

    Imagify Price: USD $0 – $9.99 per month

    Personal or SEO novice advice: For general websites, since there is no need for excessive image compression, Imagify's pricing is basically the same as ShortPixel. Novice users can try the free versions of each plug-in separately to determine their best choice before purchasing.

    Google SEO Tool Interface - Imagify Imagify has a simple interface without too many complicated settings

    3.3 WP Smush

    WP Smush is a popular WordPress plugin. After installing the plugin, you can optimize the previously uploaded pictures and automatically compress each newly uploaded picture. One of the special features of WP Smush is that it can automatically remove various information in the picture when uploading it, such as location, time, etc. Users with such needs can choose it without hesitation. In addition, the premium paid version of WP Smush not only provides CDN cloud compression technology, but also provides some database maintenance options.

    Compatible Content Management System (CMS) : WordPress

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, on-site image optimization, etc.

    Smush Price: USD $5 – $99 per month

    Personal or SEO novice advice: In terms of performance, the actual performance of WP Smush is slightly inferior to Imagify and Shortpixel, and the user experience is not so good because of the appearance of Imagify's custom compression ratio. However, if users with a loose budget are willing to choose the premium paid version, WP Smush can be slightly better in terms of functionality and added value.

    Google SEO Tool Interface - WP Smush The premium version of WP Smush is more feature-rich than ShortPixel and Imagify

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