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Best SEO Tool For Increase Traffic Your Website In 2023(Part-2)

Here is the second part of Best SEO Tool For Rank Up Your Website In 2023. In this content, we discuss about Site Structure Analysis SEO Too...

Here is the second part of Best SEO Tool For Rank Up Your Website In 2023. In this content, we discuss about Site Structure Analysis SEO Tool, Website speed test tool, Site data analysis tool and Website Speed ​​Optimization SEO Tools. 

    1. Site Structure Analysis SEO Tool

    The clear structure of the website allows the crawler robots of search engines to include and analyze your website more clearly, and is less prone to errors, preventing conflicts of various contents within the site; it also makes it easier for individuals to manage and maintain the website. Manual screening often overlooks some potential problems, and the labor cost is too high for large websites, and the use of website structure analysis tools will make all this easier and faster.

    1.1 Screaming Frogs

    In the early stage of website launch or the SEO basic optimization stage before launch, using Screaming Frog to analyze the overall structure of the website, the status of internal links, titles and URLs, etc., can be said to be a crucial part of SEO. Screaming Frog is a tool similar to a search engine crawler robot. It can crawl almost all resources that Google will crawl on the site and optimize and recommend them. Although this kind of optimization can also be done through manual screening, the efficiency is of course much different than using this tool, and it can be used for free. The paid version is mainly aimed at large websites with many pages, unlocking the limit on the number of crawled pages, suitable for large websites or SEO companies .

    Usage scenarios: website structure optimization, on-site SEO reference, daily maintenance of the website, etc.

    Screaming Frog Price: Free (500 URLs) or GBP £149.00 per month

    Suggestions for individuals and beginners in SEO: Using the free version of Screaming Frog is a very good start. The relatively simple operation and interface can achieve outstanding results and lay a solid foundation for the SEO structure of the website.


    2. Website speed test tool

    Improving the loading speed of the website is not only conducive to the positive judgment of the search engine on the site, but also an important factor to improve the user experience and ensure the retention rate of users. Almost no website on the market will choose to ignore speed optimization. Using website speed optimization tools and constantly looking for the best solution to improve website speed is one of the tasks that every website owner must do.

    2.1 Google Pagespeed Insights

    Google Pagespeed Insights is a free online Google official speed measurement tool, which we will definitely use in the process of Google SEO website optimization. Its main purpose is to refer to the page loading speed rating given by Google for the site, and detect the existing problems and give some optimization suggestions. Its characteristic is that it can give corresponding scores and existing problems for the computer and mobile terminals at the same time, while other similar tools may need to pay to unlock this function. In operation, you only need to enter the URL of the website into the Pagespeed Insights tool page and it can be completed immediately. In addition to being free, Google's tools have the advantage that all content supports Chinese.

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, website pre-optimization, website update and maintenance, etc.

    Google Pagespeed Insights Price: Free

    Personal and SEO novice advice: You should use this tool, not only is it free, but you only need to move your fingers, and you can get practical suggestions for website page loading speed provided by Google in less than a minute, without any operational difficulties, every time A piece of data is clearly classified and very easy to use.

    2.2 GTmetrix

    When optimizing website speed, in addition to using Google Pagespeed Insights, we also recommend using GTmetrix for cross-data comparison. This is also a comprehensive performance testing tool that can be used for free. Although it includes a paid upgrade option, the basic speed measurement analysis combined with Google Pagespeed Insights is used synchronously. In general, the free version is basically enough. Compared with Google Pagespeed Insights, one advantage of GTmetrix is ​​that it can switch between different test regions, and the free version can use seven commonly used regions, including Canada, the United States and China. For the analysis of various data such as website speed, structure, cache, and CDN, GTmetrix has basically achieved comprehensive and accurate analysis. It is a very practical online website speed measurement tool.

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, website pre-optimization, website update and maintenance, etc.

    GTmetrix Price: Free or USD $10-$500 per month

    Personal and SEO novice advice: If you feel that the data and analysis given by Google Pagespeed Insights are sufficient for your current needs, you can temporarily not use GTmetrix. However, if you want to obtain more comprehensive data or the existing data still cannot achieve the desired effect of website speed optimization, we recommend trying GTmetrix.


    3. Site data analysis tool

    Various data in the site, such as website user behavior, conversion rate, retention rate, etc., are of great commercial value to companies, and can help a company understand the general needs and tendencies of its users in a timely manner, or help a brand grasp the current situation. The most popular single product is often the data basis for the entire company to formulate strategic goals and marketing strategies. The website data analysis tools relied on to obtain these data have thus become a must-have option for every commercial website.

    3.1 Google Analytics

    Google Analytics can be said to be a basic data tracking tool for beginners to advanced users. Google's official attributes also determine that it has very high reliability for website traffic analysis or user behavior. Its functions cover the data assistance needs of individuals, enterprises and service providers for various marketing activities such as SEO and PPC, and provide various friendly visual data analysis channels. Google Analytics can fully meet the basic data needs of the website, and users with advanced needs will also use it with other tools (such as Google Tag Manager). It can be said that all kinds of commercial websites on the market are basically inseparable from Google. Analytics Auxiliary.

    Usage scenarios: SEO strategy formulation, data monitoring, data analysis, marketing data viewing

    Google Analytics Price: Free

    Advice for individuals and beginners in SEO: Google Analytics is one of the must-have Google SEO tools, and it is also the basic guarantee for corporate digital marketing . You only need a certain learning cost to get familiar with it, and you can easily make good use of this powerful free tool.


    4. Website Speed ​​Optimization SEO Tools

    In the previous article, we mentioned that the website loading speed is an important factor affecting Google's SEO ranking of the website, so it is essential to optimize the website speed. After using the off-site speed optimization tool to check out a series of problems that affect the speed of the website, we should start using the on-site speed optimization tool to solve these problems together.

    4.1 WP Rocket

    As a cache acceleration plugin for WordPress, WP Rocket can significantly speed up the website through preloading, prefetching, page caching, etc. The practicality and convenience of its optimization functions make it an ideal paid plugin choice. Only some simple settings are required, and the ideal state can be achieved without involving professional knowledge in programming; if it is an advanced user or developer, WP Rocket also allows some custom advanced options.

    Compatible Content Management System (CMS): WordPress

    Usage scenarios: website speed optimization, website pre-optimization, website update and maintenance, etc.

    WP Rocket Price: USD $49 – $249 per year

    Personal or SEO novice suggestion: If the website CMS is WordPress, using this impressive speed optimization tool will help your website loading speed to a higher level. The price is not too high and the free refund policy within 14 days can make everyone It is better for users to get started and familiarize themselves with the settings of this plugin, and finally decide whether it is a right choice. Google SEO Tools Interface - WP Rocket For all kinds of problems that affect the loading speed of web pages, WP Rocket provides a wealth of solutions

    For more tools, you can read our next article: Best SEO Tool For Boost YourWebsite Traffic In 2023(Part-3)




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